Safe by Summer Campaign Launched to Encourage Vaccinations

Campain urges employers help their staff get fully vaccinated

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Safe by Summer Campaign Launched to Encourage Vaccinations

Employers operating in Clark County, Washington are being encouraged to help employees receive a COVID-19 vaccination as soon as possible.

By taking a Safe By Summer pledge, area employers are committing to educate, mobilize and incentivize their staff with a realistic target of having at least 80 percent of their employees fully vaccinated by August 15 or earlier if possible.

The Safe By Summer campaign was designed by area business leaders to drive the next wave of vaccinations for employees and families, now that vaccine supplies are plentiful and available at many clinics, pharmacies and mass vaccination sites. The campaign includes a website identifying vaccination locations, signup to signify organizations that have pledged or met the goal, and a variety of educational and promotional resources.

Employers are encouraged to make it easy for staff to receive vaccines, such as paid time off, vaccination days at clinics or on-site, and providing educational or incentive ideas such as a catered lunch when achieving the goal.

The campaign welcomes participation by all employers operating in Clark County.

Business Leaders Back Safe By Summer Campaign

"Our community's most vulnerable received vaccinations far quicker than anyone expected, so it's now time for everyone else to get the vaccine," said John McDonagh, President and CEO of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, which is encouraging all of its business members to pledge and participate.

"We all want our life back, and the most practical way for that to happen is for the vast majority of us to receive a vaccination as quickly as possible," said Mark Matthias, owner of Beaches Restaurant and Bar in Vancouver. "It has been a rough 15 months for my staff and our customers. I can't wait to get back to seeing smiles, hugs and social gatherings without restrictions."

"Throughout the pandemic, our small businesses have adapted and pivoted to best serve their customers, and they continue to do so with this effort," said Cliff Myers, President and CEO of Visit Vancouver USA. "We're eager to support safe reopening, allowing visitors to once again experience what makes Clark County an ideal destination for meetings, events, festivals, tournaments, and vacations."

"Businesses leaders are well positioned to support the next level of vaccine adoption so we can limit the chance of variants and bring an end to this life-robbing pandemic," said Ron Arp, president of the business leaders group Identity Clark County. The group endorsed the program and has committed to supporting employers who take a Safe By Summer pledge.

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